The Best Credit Card Payment Processing Companies For Small Businesses in 2023

Are you a small business owner looking for the best credit card payment processor? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top credit card processors for small businesses in 2023. These companies offer reasonable costs, accessibility, transparency, and overall value for your payment processing needs.

What Is Credit Card Processing?

Credit card processing is the process of approving and processing credit and debit card transactions. Merchants can accept payments in person, online, or by manually entering a customer’s card information. The credit card processing network checks for indicators of possible fraud and ensures that merchants get paid for approved transactions.

In addition to basic credit card processing, providers offer a variety of other services such as payment gateways for e-commerce transactions, virtual terminals for manually entering payments, processing hardware, online analytics and reporting, support for alternate payment methods, online shopping cart integration, inventory management features, and more.

Best Credit Card Payment Processing Companies for Small Businesses

Here are our top picks for the best credit card processors for small businesses:

1. National Processing: Best For Low-Cost ACH/eCheck Processing

National Processing offers affordable ACH/eCheck processing for small businesses. With reasonable fees and excellent customer support, they are a great choice for businesses looking to save on payment processing costs.

2. Square: Best For New Startups

Square is perfect for new startups. With its user-friendly interface and easy setup process, Square makes it simple for small businesses to start accepting credit card payments.

3. PaymentCloud: Best For High-Risk Businesses

If you operate a high-risk business, PaymentCloud is the best choice for you. They specialize in serving businesses in industries that are often considered high-risk.

4. CDGcommerce: Best For eCommerce Startups

CDGcommerce is an excellent option for eCommerce startups. They offer a range of features specifically designed to help businesses succeed in the online marketplace.

5. Clover POS: Best For Sophisticated Processing Hardware

If you’re looking for advanced processing hardware, Clover POS is the way to go. They offer top-of-the-line equipment to help streamline your payment processing.

6. Host Merchant Services: Best For Mid-Sized High & Low-Risk Businesses

Host Merchant Services caters to mid-sized businesses, both high and low-risk. They provide flexible contract terms and excellent customer support.

7. Stripe Payments: Best For eCommerce-Only Businesses

For businesses that operate solely online, Stripe Payments is the ideal choice. They offer seamless integration with online shopping carts and a host of other features tailored to eCommerce.

8. Dharma Merchant Services: Best For Nonprofits & Charitable Giving

Dharma Merchant Services is the perfect fit for nonprofits and businesses focused on charitable giving. They offer special pricing for these organizations.

9. Helcim: Best For International Businesses

Helcim specializes in serving international businesses. With their global payment solutions, you can easily accept payments from customers around the world.

10. Chase Payment Solutionsâ„ : Best For Low-Cost, Full-Service Merchant Accounts

Chase Payment Solutionsâ„  provides low-cost, full-service merchant accounts. They offer a range of features and excellent customer support.

These credit card payment processors have been carefully selected based on affordability, contract terms, features, and customer support. They provide the best overall value for small businesses.

Our Methodology For Choosing The Best Credit Card Processing Companies for Small Businesses

In choosing the best credit card processing companies for small businesses, we considered pricing, contract terms, features, and customer support. The best companies offer affordable pricing, month-to-month billing, essential hardware and software features, and excellent customer support.

How To Choose The Best Credit Card Payment Processing Company

When choosing a credit card payment processing company, there are several factors to consider. First, determine whether your business needs a full-service merchant account or if a payment service provider (PSP) like Square would be a better fit. Consider your monthly processing volume and the pricing options offered by the provider. Finally, evaluate the additional features and customer support provided by the company.

For more information on our top picks and to learn how to choose the best credit card payment processing company for your business, visit ATICE.INFO.